The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust makes over 3,500 annual grants to individuals and organisations totalling £500,000. In addition, 120 elderly people receive pensions from the Trust.

The Scheme setting up the Trust provides for grants to be made

a) To help persons who are sick convalescent, disabled, handicapped or infirm;

b) To help either generally or individually persons who are in need, who suffer hardship or distress;

c) To assist organisations or institutions providing services or facilities which help relieve need or distress.

Grants to individuals, whether one-off payments or pensions, can only be made to residents of the former Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead (the area of benefit). A temporary stay in Hampstead, or in hospital in the area is not in itself a sufficient qualification.

Grants cannot be made towards the payment of taxes, including Council Tax, nor the payment of fines. The Trustees are also unable to offer assistance with course or school fees.

Organisations serving a wider area, but whose activities can be shown to benefit Hampstead residents among others, can apply for help, as well as those specifically assisting Hampstead residents.