New Focus of Grant Making Strategy

Dear Colleague

The Trustees of The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust have recently undertaken a review of its grant making policies and procedures. As you may be aware, the main remit of the Trust is poverty alleviation, and we wish to ensure that all our grant making is compatible with that remit.

As a result we want to let you know that we will be making some changes in some of the activities we currently fund. For the next few years we will be:

  • Awarding grants to reinforce the alleviation of poverty generally in the Trust’s Area of Benefit (AOB), with a particular interest in receiving applications which assist people with debt problems and/or for homeless people in the Trust’s AOB. That might include work which offers services to homeless people directly, or which tackles homelessness in some broader way.
  • We are also particularly interested in encouraging applications for work in Kilburn, West Hampstead and Haverstock since there is evidence that deprivation, particularly for older people in those wards is greater than elsewhere in our AOB.

This is not to say that we will not consider applications for other work and in other parts of our AOB, as well as for services covering the whole of our AOB. However, given our finite resources, we may not always be able to fund activities or agencies which we have previously funded.

We want to give you plenty of notice, that if your organisation has been accustomed to receiving grants over a number of years, this might not continue to be the case, at least in the short term.

We will be putting in place the following measures to assist the Trustees in implementing their new Grant Making Strategy:

  • A review of agencies which have been receiving grants from us for over three or more consecutive years.
  • A review of all new Trust pensioners once they have been in receipt of a Trust pension for 3 years.
  • Allocating a finite sum to holiday play schemes with much earlier deadlines for applications ie well before such schemes are due to start.
  • Consideration of applications for a limited amount of pump priming. In some cases, we may be prepared to consider applications for grants which extend beyond one financial year. (Please discuss any ideas for a multi-year grant with me before completing our application form.)
  • The Trust continues to be willing to consider applications which include overheads and salaries.
  • A greater emphasis on impact assessment, especially for grants over £5,000. This means we will want to know exactly how you propose to assess the effectiveness of the activity for which we provide funds.

Our application process will remain the same but we have a new application form which you can access via our website – Our website contains information about the range of activities we fund, together with an indication of our agreed priorities. It also contains a map of our AOB and a list of streets within our AOB.

If you have any questions about our changing focus please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 7435 1570 or by email at

Yours sincerely

Sheila A Taylor
Director & Clerk to the Trustees