Latest Grant News

Here are some examples of the Trust’s grant expenditure in Quarter 3 (April – June 2019)

  • £25,000 to the Citizens Advice Camden Debt Advice Project for their targeted debt advice work in our area of benefit.
  • A grant of £5,000 was awarded to fund a holiday play scheme for disadvantaged children at Sidings Community Centre.
  • A grant of £2,500 was made in contribution to a Debt Advice Project in West Hampstead/Kilburn area.
  • 53 individual grants have been provided to people in need in our area of benefit. Of these, the majority have been for beds, cookers, washing machines, children’s items and clothing.

Small organisational grants are now available for sums up to £2,000 (it was previously £1,000). Small Organisational Grants have their own form on the website and the decision making time is quicker than large grants so if you have a small project you need funding for, get in touch with our Grants Officer to discuss whether this would be an appropriate grant for you.