Latest News

The Trust is in the process of sending out 633 Sainsbury’s Shopping Vouchers to 23 local agencies for them to distribute to families and individuals in need over the Christmas season.

Additional large grants have been confirmed: £10,000 to the Three Acres Community Play Project and £8,000 towards Age UK Camden’s NW3 Good Neighbour Scheme. Small organisational grants have been awarded to Hampstead Community Centre for play scheme places for families unable to afford them and to St Cuthbert’s Church in NW6 for a community garden project.

Provisional dates for Grants Committee Meetings in 2020 are:

29th January 2020

29th April 2020

29th July 2020

28th October 2020

We request that any applications are received at least four weeks before this date, preferably earlier so that any questions or clarifications can be made in good time for the committee.