Press Release

Every year since 1995 the Hampstead Wells & Campden Trust has provided Christmas packs to needy people in its area of benefit.  Storing and distributing the packs has not been easy for the agencies to whom the Trust supplies this help.  Instead, following consultation with local agencies such as Camden Carers Centre and Kingsgate Community Centre, the Trust has agreed to supply Christmas vouchers instead.  These amount to £25 for individuals or £50 to families.  The vouchers can be redeemed at Sainsbury’s.

This year applications for vouchers have far exceeded what the Trust is able to spend on it.  It would be delighted to hear from any organisation or individual who would like to help support this much appreciated scheme.  This would mean that many more people can be helped at a time of year when many living in poverty cannot afford to enjoy the festive season.

Agencies which endorse the value of the Trust’s scheme include Doorstep Homeless Families Project and Hampstead Communities Centre who say that for their clients, it is a daily struggle to feed themselves and their children.

If you would like to help support this scheme please contact Sheila Taylor, Trust Director at