Areas P to Z

Palmerston Road
Pandora Road
Park End
Parkhill Road
Parliament Hill
Parsifal Road
Perceval Avenue
Perrin’s Court
Perrin’s Lane
Perrin’s Walk
Pilgrim’s Lane
Pilgrim’s Place
Platt’s Lane
Pond Street
Primrose Gardens
Primrose Hill Road
Prince Arthur Mews
Prince Arthur Road
Princess Mews
Priory Road
Priory Terrace
Prospect Place
Provost Road

Queensgate Place
Quex Road

Radlett Place
Ranulf Road (in Camden)
Ravenshaw Street
Redington Gardens
Redington Road
Richborough Road
Roderick Road (odd 1-73)
Rona Road
Rondu Road
Rosecroft Avenue
Rosemont Road
Rosslyn Hill
Rosslyn Mews
Rosslyn Park Mews
Rowland Hill Street
Rowley Way
Rudall Crescent

St Crispin’s Close
St Cuthbert’s Road
St Edmund’s Terrace (in Camden)
St John’s Wood Park (in Camden)
St Mary’s Mews
Sandwell Crescent
Sarre Road (2 + 4)
Savernake Road
Shepherd’s Walk
Sherriff Road
Shirlock Road
Shoot-up Hill (even 2-100)
Skardu Road
Smyrna Road

S (contd.)
Solent Road
Somali Road
South End Close
South End Road
South Hill Park
South Hill Park Gardens
Spaniards Road
Spedan Close
Spencer Walk
Spode Walk
Springfield Lane
Springfield Walk
Squire’s Mount
Stamford Close
Steele’s Mews North
Steele’s Mews South
Steele’s Road
Strathray Gardens
Streatley Place
Sumatra Road

Tanza Road
Tasker Road
Telegraph Hill
Templewood Avenue
Templewood Gardens
Thurlow Road
Tranley Mews
Tudor Close

Ulysses Road
Upper Park Road
Upper Terrace

Vale of Health

Wadham Gardens
Waterhouse Close
Wavel Mews
Wedderburn Road
Wedgwood Walk
Weech Road
Well Road
Well Walk
West Cottages
Westcroft Close
West End Lane
West Hampstead Mews
West Heath Road (odd 5-23)
Westbere Road
White Bear Place
Whitestone Lane
Willoughby Road
Willow Road
Winchester Mews
Winchester Road
Windmill Hill
Woodchurch Road
Worcester Mews