Our Grants

Applying for an Organisational Grant

We can consider applications from organisations which cover an area bigger than ours but can only make a grant to assist the part of their work which benefits people from our area of benefit. In the application form we ask questions about the number of people who will benefit from the grant; we need to know the proportion of intended beneficiaries in our area of benefit.

Trust grants are much in demand and Trustees increasingly face tough choices about the work they can support. Grants are given for a period of up to one year. Staff and Trustees may want to visit the organisation before making a decision and may attach specific conditions to any grant offer. An evaluation report will also be requested after the grant has been used (and before consideration of any further request for support)

Exclusions: The Trust is not willing to consider general fundraising appeals, nor any work which does not directly benefit people within its specific area.


Applying for a grant of £1,000 or less

Applications for up to £1,000 can be fast tracked to provide an answer within one month of the application. Please complete the application form. This can be downloaded here.

Applying for a larger grant (over £1,000)

Our grants are to address need through preventing or relieving poverty, supporting people who are ill or disabled, working with disadvantaged communities or special needs groups.

Applications for grants of £1,000 or more must be requested on our application form. This can be downloaded here.

The form is a Word document. Please save it to your computer if you intend to complete it electronically and return the completed form, together with the additional information requested either by email or in the post. Applications can be typed or handwritten.

Timing of Application

Grant applications are considered by a Sub Committee of the Trustees (Grants Committee) and large grants reviewed by the whole Trustee Board.

We are happy to accept applications at any time in the year but if they are received less than two weeks before a Grants Committee meeting, they may need to be held over to the next quarter.

Meetings of the Grants Committee for 2019 are scheduled for 30th January, 16th April, 17th July and 30th October.