Our Grants

The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust makes grants to organisations and individuals.

Grants to Organisations
Grants to Individuals

Grants to Individuals

How to apply

Applications for financial support for individuals or families in severe hardship are accepted from any formally constituted local group (such as a community centre or tenants’ association), departments/units of Camden Council or the health service, housing associations, advice agencies or other voluntary agency where the individual or family is known. The application requires detailed information about the circumstances of the person/family in need, including their finances, and the applying body must be willing to receive and account for any grant offered.

The Trust does not accept applications directly from the individuals needing help.

Applications should be made on the Trust’s application form. These applications can be submitted at any time and the Trust hopes to provide an answer within one month of receiving a completed application.

Grants to individuals can be made only to residents of our area of benefit (see map). We do not make grants towards the payment of taxes, including council tax, nor the payment of fines and we do not offer assistance with course or school fees.

Grants are not normally made to individuals applying directly to the Trust.

The Individual/Family Support Application Form can be downloaded here.

Kitchen and Home Starter Packs

A limited number of packs are available for people on state benefits setting up home for the first time in the Trust’s area of benefit. Contact the Trust office for further information.

Christmas Vouchers

A limited number of Christmas vouchers are available for refugees and homeless families. Contact the Trust office for further information.