Our Grants

The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust makes grants to organisations and individuals.

Grants to Organisations
Grants to Individuals

Grants to Organisations

Grants to Organisations: How to apply

Our grants to projects and groups normally range from a few hundred pounds to around £20,000. In 2016-17 we made 38 grants to charities and community groups in the Trust’s area of benefit (see map). These helped with running costs and, occasionally, capital. Some contributed to the core costs of organisations and groups and others were for project funding. You can see more detail in our Trustees Annual Report and Accounts for 2016-17. There is no strict limit on the size of grant we can make but it is unusual for us to exceed £15,000 and most of our grants are smaller.

The application form for organisational grants can be downloaded here.

Exceptional Grant Allocation

During the course of the financial year, Trustees approved the allocation of £50,000 per annum for a debt advice service for up to three years commencing in 2018. They hope to see this providing a full-time service, especially focusing on Kilburn and West Hampstead. Following expressions of interest from nine organisations in the voluntary sector, funding was awarded to Citizens Advice Camden to deliver debt counselling to clients from the Kilburn and West Hampstead area of the Trust’s area of benefit.

Our grants are to address need through preventing or relieving poverty, supporting people who are ill or disabled, working with disadvantaged communities or special needs groups.

Evaluation of Grants

Trust grants are much in demand and Trustees increasingly face tough choices about the work they can support. Grants are given for a period of up to one year. Staff and Trustees may want to visit the organisation before making a decision and may attach specific conditions to any grant offer. An evaluation report will also be requested after the grant has been used (and before consideration of any further request for support).

The Grant Evaluation Form can be downloaded here.

Regular Funding to Organisations

The Trust is reluctant to repeat support on an annual basis without seeing how an organisation is aiming to strengthen or diversify funding sources and not rely on the Trust.

Exclusions: The Trust is not willing to consider general fundraising appeals, nor any work which does not directly benefit people within its specific area.