Our Grants

Large Organisational Grants

Our Large Organisational Grants are available to support organisations serving our area of benefit for sums over £2,000. There is no strict limit on the size of grant we can make but it is unusual for us to exceed £15,000 and most of our grants are smaller. You can see our News page to get an idea of organisations and projects that the Trust has funded previously.

New applications will be considered by our Trustees at their quarterly Grants Committee meetings. The next meeting in 2019 will be:

  • 30th October 2019

Applications need to be received at least three weeks before this date to be considered. Getting your application into the Trust well before the next deadline is recommended since it leaves time for staff and Trustee Assessors to look at the applications and to ask for any clarification or additional information that may be required before the Grants Committee Meeting.

We can accept applications from organisations which cover an area bigger than our area of benefit but can only make a grant to assist the part of their work that benefits people in our AOB. Grants are usually given for a period of up to one year although longer periods may be considered.

Staff or trustees may wish to visit an organisation before making a decision. An evaluation report will be required at the end of the grant period

Download Grant Evaluation Form

Please contact our Grants Officer Joanna Goga on joanna@hwct.co.uk or 020 7435 1570 if you would like to discuss details of any potential applications.

Download Large Organisational Grant Form