Our Grants

Pensioner Awards

The Trust can help some older people in severe need with a regular addition to their income in the form of a charitable award, currently £18 per week, (a level which should not affect entitlement to most state benefits unless other regular charitable payments, war pensions etc. are received). The Trust staff can advise on this if necessary.

  • Residence in the Trust’s area of benefit. Grants to individuals, whether one-off payments or pensions, can only be made to residents of our area of benefit (see map). An applicant must have lived in the area for a reasonable period.
  • At least 65 years of age. If the individual has a disability we can consider supporting people from 60 years of age and, in cases of severe disability, people who are younger than this.
  • Living independently and not in institutional care, i.e. they should live in a home they own or rent. Applicants are not normally considered for a pension if they are cared for and supported financially by people living with them unless the people in question are on Income Support or themselves have exceptional needs. The pension normally ceases if the pensioner enters long residential social or hospital care.
  • Applicant’s income should be at the Income Support level or they should have exceptional needs which substantially increase their household expenditure. Personal Independence Payment, Disabled Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance will be counted as income unless evidence is produced to show that these are spent on the applicant’s care and mobility needs.
  • Savings should not be over £6,000.
  • The applicant has some sort of essential need that makes him/her worse off than other people who have the same income, e.g. exceptional heating costs (either on health grounds, or because their home is draughty, high ceilinged or otherwise difficult to heat); a special diet; or mobility problems that prevent them using public transport.

The Trust staff will always be willing to discuss specific circumstances and advise whether an applicant can be considered.

How to apply

Applications are accepted on behalf of pensioners from staff or volunteers in any formally constituted local group (such as a community centre or tenants association), departments/units of Camden Council or the health service, a housing association or advice agency or other voluntary agency where the individual is known. When the Trust receives a pension application, an assessment visit is made by the Trust’s Grant Officer and eligible applicants are then considered by a sub-committee of the Trustees.

Any change in circumstances will result in the re-assessment of the pension award.

Continuation of the pension award will be subject to a 3 year review.

The application form can be downloaded here.